Grant Associates Singapore collects four 2022 SILA Awards

Landscape architecture practice Grant Associates has picked up four awards at the 2022 Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) awards ceremony.

The pioneering international practice, which looks to reconnect people with nature in insightful, delightful and distinctive ways, was honoured to be recognised at the annual event for a quartet of environmentally-focused projects:

Bukit Timah Railway Station and 9 Mile Platform - Gold Award for Civic and Institutional Category

Shenzhen Bay Culture Park Elevated Walkway – Silver Award for Analysis and Planning Category

Sentosa-Brani – Merit Award for Analysis and Planning Category

Funan – Silver Award for Commercial and Industrial Category.

The award-winning Bukit Timah Railway Station project and Shenzhen Bay Culture Park Elevated Walkway the master plan were both completed in 2022 and could not be more different, even if they are both part of park corridors.

The Shenzhen Bay Culture Park is a 9-ha mixed use new development. Grant Associates’ master plan will transform the Culture Park into a new community destination, with the Elevated Walkway becoming a key community mobility corridor. The innovative adoption of parametric design software helped to generate improved designs and benefit lives.

The landscape for Bukit Timah Railway Station is a much more subtle intervention alongside Singapore’s Rail Corridor. curating and re-invigorating an existing landscape. Grant Associates’ design defines the open spaces and sets the scene by framing views and screening adjacent developments – providing visitors with the opportunity to appreciate heritage within an authentic and biodiverse setting. By preserving existing, sometimes undesirable vegetation and allowing for the spontaneous, the entire landscape has an instant impact and a rustic non-manicured feeling. The most intriguing areas are where all those plants come together, creating surprise and unique visual excitement.

It is an honour for our work to be recognised at the 2022 SILA Awards in such a big way; the four awarded projects illustrate the diversity of work undertaken at Grant Associates, from large to small, urban to rural, local to international, rustic to futuristic. We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to our clients for their continuous support, to our fellow consultants for the inspiring collaborations and to our staff for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the design process.

Stefaan Lambreghts, Associate Director at Grant Associates
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About Grant Associates

Grant Associates is a pioneering international landscape architecture practice. Our work reconnects people with nature in insightful, delightful and distinctive ways whilst addressing the global challenges of urbanisation, the climate crisis and biodiversity extinction.

Our design process is underpinned by a knowledge of human behaviour, nature and ecological science combined with innovative design technology. We bring original thinking, creative collaboration and are exploring what regenerative design and the circular economy means to landscape architecture.

Our varied portfolio includes ambitious large-scale, landmark projects through to small, local ventures.