Grant Associates ‘Rewilding Garden’ opens to public in Beijing

A garden designed by Grant Associates on behalf of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) for International Horticultural Exposition - Expo 2019 Beijing has opened to the public, giving people a chance to experience ‘wild’ nature in the Chinese capital.

Grant Associates’ ‘Rewilding Garden’ is a permanent exhibition garden at the expo, which is taking place in Beijing from 29th April – 7th October 2019. The event explores the theme ‘Live Green Live Better’ and aims to demonstrate ecological concepts and disseminate green ideas.

Covering a total of 1500 m2, the ‘Rewilding Garden’ introduces visitors to AIPH’s ‘Green City’ initiative which promotes the benefits of integrating nature into cities.

The Rewilding Garden design concept is based on five core values: H2O; food for all; breathe; green not grey and reconnect. These core values are embodied within the garden’s main areas; Welcome Garden; Urban Forest; Rain Garden; Rewilding Meadow; and the AIPH Flower Pavilion, which was inspired by the form of a chrysanthemum.

Over 100 countries and organisations are participating in Expo 2019 Beijing, displaying horticultural innovations, inspiration and excellence focused on the development of greener and healthier urban living environments.

It is possible that after the Expo, selected exhibitions, including the AIPH Garden, will remain at the show site in Beijing, to become a permanent showcase for international, horticultural standards.

Expo 2019 Beijing is the largest event of its kind ever held and is expected to receive 16 million visitors over its six-month duration. It is hoped that the event will have a significant positive impact on the development of a greener future in China and around the world.

“It’s wonderful to see people exploring the Rewilding Garden and experiencing first hand, the delight and wonder of nature in the wider urban context of Beijing. We feel very fortunate to be working with AIPH at such a high-profile event and help share its core messages to an international audience. It is telling that the Chinese President attended the expo’s opening ceremony. Xi Jinping used the opportunity to reaffirm China’s commitment to more ecological development. Hopefully, we are moving towards a greener future with the multitude of benefits this brings for people and planet.” 

Peter Chmiel, director at Grant Associates

“The AIPH Rewilding Garden is a very beautiful and practical demonstration of AIPH’s ‘Green City’ concept, illustrating the benefits of integrating nature into cities and urban areas. Our garden enjoys a prime location at the heart of the expo with visitors clearly drawn to its striking Flower Pavilion and diversity of green spaces.”

Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General at AIPH
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Grant Associates is a pioneering international landscape architecture practice. Our work reconnects people with nature in insightful, delightful and distinctive ways whilst addressing the global challenges of urbanisation, the climate crisis and biodiversity extinction.

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